In Cadeo

    Next Show: Friday, January 21st @ Knitting Factory w/Hank & Cupcakes, (We Are) Country Mice, Crowds.
    8pm. Buy tickets here.

    We have finished the NEW EP with Eli Janney (Obits, The Soft Pack, Bear Hands, Wilco). Working on videos and a release for 2011.

    Dan Neustadt is currently on tour with The Hold Steady. He also played on the new album Heaven is Whenever. Pete plays in Oberhofer. They are touring with Tapes 'n Tapes.

    The video for COMMUNIST LECTURE can be seen below:


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Making Our Graves

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Making Our Graves

Five Song EP

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Making Our Graves


Our friend Eric Power made beautiful videos for "The Archer" & "City Lights".




Saturday, December 18th - 8pm

Glasslands w/Radical Dads, New Numbers

Brooklyn, New York

Friday, January 21st - 8pm

Knitting Factory

Brooklyn, New York


"The band harnesses an energy that keeps it sounding fresh and vigorous, the way punk rock should."

- NPR's Second Stage

"The songs cry out for crowd sing-a-longs, folks running around in circles, or the look of accomplishment once you’ve finally assembled your IKEA dresser"

- (Strapp/Meik)

"...Grunge-textured bass is trampled by keyboard melodies, giving pop an edge...It’s the mix of gritty guitar riffs and catchy lyrics that allows for the In Cadeo fan-base to consist of both high school girls and mosh-pit enthusiasts."

- Relix

"The band's sound takes us back to the 90s grunge movement... muddy guitars with vocals that take on more of a pop aesthetic...They eclectically blend melodramatic grunge rock with radio friendly riffs and the end result is a very powerful one."

- Deli Mag NYC

"Making Our Graves delivers heavily layered anthemic songs that display a variety of influences from Elliot Smith to The National and The Wedding Present...this first offering from In Cadeo is an example of smart indie-pop that refuses to compromise."


" In Cadeo alternate between brash and restrained, but their best feature is the ability to turn a phrase, then reverse and re-engineer it. The band packages intelligent lyrics with angular, driving, catchy rock arrangements, a rare talent indeed."


"...Coming on like a more bombastic version of The National..."


"Layers, builds, dynamics… they make me lose track and run red lights."


“In Cadeo has crafted a sound that is as much catchy indie pop as it is grunge infused with alternative elements from the 80’s and 90’s. All members offer up something unique to the mix that makes for great post-rock anthem material.”


“Travis Tonn transformed himself into a beast with a bass, playing with a looseness that contrasted well with Scott’s concentrated demeanor….The band’s manic style left the audience pulsing in anticipation for each song’s climax…Dan Neustadt belted harmonies with one foot on the pedals and the other in the air. Scott trembled in a well-tamed seizure, bringing his guitar to his lips as Pete Sustarsic’s drumming built to a monumental cathartic release, leaving the audience in a state of utter ‘fuck yeahs.’”

- RELIX (Live Review, Mercury Lounge)

“In Cadeo performed an energetic set in the cramped, hot basement of Lit Lounge. Their performance was reminiscent of classic new york bar band The Figgs…The drummer, Pete Sustarsic, beat up the drums like they owed him money, and Bassist Travis Tonn was in lock step. Travis and Jared played off each other like the best guitar-bass combos, and, most importantly, the mood was fun...”



Hailing from Oregon, DC & Ohio, In Cadeo is a more bombastic version of The National, excelling in smart-epic-indie-pop songs.

Forming in 2008, they released their eponymous EP featuring the The Archer which was placed in several TV shows, charted on CMJ radio, and was animated by Waking Life's Eric Power. The 2009 Debut LP Making Our Graves, co-produced by Girls Against Boys' Eli Janney (Ryan Adams, Wilco, The Soft Pack, Illinois), garnered notable press (NPR, Relix, the Deli, CMJ), blog recognition, and sparked a tour spanning the east coast and midwest.

In Cadeo's band members all play in other Brooklyn bands: The Hold Steady, Oberhofer, Franz Nicolay & Major General and World/Inferno and have shared stages with Art Brut, Wyclef, Nicole Atkins, The Heartless Bastards, Ra Ra Riot, The Constantines, Cymbals Eat Guitars and more.

In Cadeo's new release Wake Up hits the streets this Winter.



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